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15 August SMS

SMILE because
S: Sets u free,
M: Makes u special,
I: Increases ur face value,
L: Lifts up ur spirits,
E: Erases all ur tensions,
So, please keep smiling on Independence Day
happy independence day..

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Ye Nafrat Buri Hai, Na Paalo Isay
Dilo Main Khalish Hai ,Nikalo Isay
Na Tera ,Na Mera ,Na Iska , Na Uska
Ye Sab Ka Watan Hai,Bacha Lo Isay

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This Is The Day,
That Our Nation Sings
This Is The Day
That The Liberty Bell Starts To Ring
This Is The Day
We All Start To Remember
What We Stand For
And To Celebrate Our Independence
We Stand Up High, As We
All Start To Cry
As We Think About,
All That Died
For You, For Me, For Our Whole Country
Risking There Life
Eaxh And Everyday Here Is A Salute
To All That Lay …
Happy Independence Day

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“Meri Jan”
“Mera Maaan”
“Mera Dil”
“Mera Name”
“meri subha”
“Meri sham”
“Mera pyaar”

Pyara Pyara Hindustan
Happy Independence Day To ALL.

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Let’s Celebrate Freedom by Promoting Α Human rights Culture Ιn which respect,dignity Αnd Εquality become a code for living. This will be 0ur role t0 Live up t0 the dreams of 1947. HΑPPY Independence Day.

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Lets Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a
Human rights Culture in which
Respect,dignity and equality
Become a code for living.

This will be our role to
Live up to the dreams of 1947

Happy 15 August !

Happy Independence Day

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Let us celebrate and enjoy the freedom to live

Independently in our country Cheerfully,

Helpfully, Hopefully, Peacefullu by remembering

Our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain.

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This is the day,
That Our nation sings
This is the day
That the liberty bell starts to ring
This is the day
We all start to remember
What We stand for
and to celebrate our Independence
We stand up high, as We
All start to cry
As we think about,
All that died
For you, for me, for our whole country
Risking there life
Eaxh and everyday here is a salute
To all that lay …

Happy Independence Day

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